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New York Styler discovers and introduce competitive, unique designs and emerging jewelry brands.

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Every Day Jewelry

Jewelry that is always with you is the most beautiful. Raeil-Ro vision is comfortable jewelry and beautiful everyday jewelry.

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Jewelry is a time of elegance & luxuriance

Design meets craftsmanship with Belepoke, where your one-of-a-kind fine jewelry is drawn before your eyes in belle époque style an artistic technique that’s been used for ten years to create high-end jewelry. 

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Jewelry with the Word

We specialize in Christian Jewelry. We have our own designer collection items to choose from. Our products include crosses, crucifixes, rings, couple bands, earrings, pendants, charms and much more.

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power of curves

Extreme V is inspired by the power of curves. A brushstroke curve shows the speed of motion. 

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